Private Events


The Club is available for private functions sponsored by a Member who must be present at the event. Applications for functions during the current season will be considered for approval by the Management Committee after the March BOD meeting. No private parties may be scheduled on weekends or holidays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

1. The Private Function Application must be submitted a minimum of 35 days prior to the event date.
2. Only a Club Member may reserve the Club and the Member must be present at the function. For wedding parties, the bride or groom must be an ILYC Member, a child or grandchild of a member.
3. The Club Use Fee includes the Clubhouse, porch area and bar. The Club staff will provide clean up of those areas.
4. The Galley is available at no extra charge for food preparation, but Member must provide food, paper products, linens, utensils, etc. The Member is responsible for the Galley clean up.
5. The gas grill is available at an extra charge and the Member must provide for its operation and clean up.
6. Any contractors (food, music, etc.) hired by the Member must supply a certificate of insurance.
7. Once approved, the function date will be reserved only upon receipt of the Club Use Fee.
8. Liquor and bartenders must be provided by the Club according to Rhode Island State law.
9. Club rules permit all the Members to use the bar and the clubhouse during private function.