Our Board & Committees



Daniel J. Faria

Vice Commodore

Simon J. Davidson

Rear Commodore

Stephen MacGillivray


Chris Arner


Nancy Cardoza


Term ending in 2019: Sheila McCurdy
Edward Winston     

Term ending in 2020:

Judith Knowles
Lat Spinney

Term ending in 2021:

John Wallace
Nancy Helme

  • Management Committee
    • The Management Committee consists of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Treasurer, and the Secretary. The Chair of the Management Committee is appointed by the Commodore. The Committee shall have and exercise all the authority of the Board in the management of the properties and staff of the Club, and shall coordinate certain Club business and activity as may be requested by the Board or Commodore The Management Committee shall be in charge of all personnel matters. It may also, from time to time formulate and recommend to the Board, for approval, general policies regarding the operation of the Club, and shall keep a record of its acts and proceedings.

      Management Committee Chair
      Stephen MacGillivray

      Management Committee
      Daniel J. Faria
      Simon J Davidson
      Stephen MacGillivray
      Chris Arner
      Nancy Cardoza

  • Entertainment Committee
    • The Entertainment Committee is subject to the direction and control of the Board, and has charge of the social affairs of the Club. It shall schedule and post the social functions of the Club. The Committee also schedule live Entertainment periodically for the Family Grill night – all of the flower arrangement, table arrangement on a weekly basis and a bi-annual Dinner Dance and various Entertainments throughout the season.

      Entertainment Committee Co-Chairs
      Alice Sheerin & Michele Manning

      Entertainment Committee Members

      Jane Beezer
      Beth Chisholm
      Barbara Earp
      Lesley Faria
      Jane Fleming
      Brenda Hawkins
      Marybeth Hunte
      Michael Murray
      Ann Ritterbusch
      Kathy Weibel
      Tara Winston

  • House Committee
    • The House Committee shall be subject to the direction and control of the Board, and shall have charge of all Club property, except the boats and equipment which are assigned for the exclusive use of the Junior Program and the Race Committee, and in general, shall be responsible for the general maintenance of Club property, including land, buildings, piers, floats, boats, equipment, and club moorings.

      House Committee Chair
      Patrick Sweeney

  • Junior Sailing Committee
    • The Junior Committee is subject to the direction and control of the Board, and has charge of the Junior Sailing Program, which runs approximately 8 weeks and includes all skill levels, the operation of the Junior Clubhouse, the Junior Social Program, the maintenance and operation of all boats and equipment assigned for the exclusive use of the Junior Sailing Program, and in general, shall be responsible for the activities of the Junior Membership in the Club.

      Junior Sailing Committee Chairs
       Veronica Brown

      Junior Sailing Committee Members
      Jen & John Caulfield
      Paul Cardoza
      Ted Gersen
      Kelly Gersen
      Donna Kelly-Gibson
      Eleanor King
      Stephen Regine

  • Membership Committee
    • The Membership Committee shall to determine the qualifications and fitness of all persons proposed for membership The Membership Committee shall consist, not less than five members. At least one-half of the members of the Committee shall be owners of yachts enrolled in the Club. It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to determine the qualifications and fitness of all persons proposed for membership, and to report the same to the Board. No member of the Committee or any member of the Board shall be questioned, except by the Executive Board, concerning the action of the Committee or the Executive Board on any membership application.

      Membership Committee Chair
       Stephen Regine

      Membership Committee Members
      Hillary Davidson
      Jeffrey Fisher
      Elizabeth MacGillivray
      Andrew MacGowan
      Richard Meffert

  • Race Committee
    • The Race Committee shall be subject to the direction and control of the Board, and shall have sole responsibility for organizing and planning the racing activities of the Club. When the Club is conducting a race, the Race Committee Chair shall have exclusive control of the conduct of the races, subject only to the overall authority of the Commodore. The Race Committee shall have full power to decide all questions that may arise in the sailing of such races. It shall keep a record of all races sailed under the auspices of the Club, giving name, ownership and sailing time of each yacht entered, the course sailed and disposition of prizes, and shall furnish suitable prizes to be awarded in races sailed under the auspices of the Club. A Race Committee Secretary shall be appointed by the Chair to keep a permanent record of its meetings. Special sailing events will be coordinated by the Commodore and the Board. The Race Committee will be responsible for the boats and equipment assigned to its care.

      Race Committee Chair
      William O'Hanley

      Race Committee Vice Chair
      Guy Sanchez

      Race Committee Members, 
      John Bagwill, Jerry Baum,  Gretchen Baum, Charles Baum, Brad/Marie Beebe, Roberta Benjamin,  Alan Bernard, David Brown, Tim Burns, Louis Burns, Ross Cann, Pat Connerney, Kathleen & Bruce Craven, Peter D'Amario, Phylis Detwiler, Livvy Dineen, Dan Dwyer, Dan Eardley, David Elwell, Geoff Ewenson, Doug Ferguson, Michel Fleuette, Peter Gerard, Richard Gumpert, Butch/Joan Hitchcock, John Horton, Angus Kerr, Linda Kirkpatrick, Charlie/Leeanne Langston, Perry Lewis, John MacGowan, Scotty Mawhinney, Susan McCarthy, Sheila McCurdy, Robert Messinger, Will Museler, Tricia O'Connell, Patricia O'Donnell, William O'Hanley, Paul Taylor, Sharon Pavignano, Deborah Penn, Steve Prime, Adam Ray, Betsy Reed, Steve Regine, Kim Roberts, Guy Sanchez, Patrick Sheerin, Robert Spagnolo, Vivian Spencer, Earle Stubbs, Patrick Sweeney, Socrates Vavolotis, Trish Walcott Hopkins, Ron Hopkins, Robin Wallace, John Wilson, Ken/Jill Urban, Alyce Wright, Betsy Yale