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Communicating with ida lewis yacht club

Most communications are preferred to be communicated by email, so we encourage you to send your requests to the appropriate staff or committee member.  Please remember we are seasonal club and often the dock office staff may not immediately respond by email and/or pick up the phone immediately.  

For general and bookkeeping inquires please feel free to email/call: 
Bronwin Gallahue 401-846-1969 x2

For club/operational inquires please feel free to email/call:
Morgan Tysor 401-846-1969 x1

For waterfront inquiries please feel free to email/call:
Julia Pai 401-846-1969 x1

For grill or event inquiries please feel free to email/call:
Food & Beverage Manager 401-846-1969 x1

For website inquires please feel free to email us at:

Please note that solicitation and/or spam emails will likely not get answered as per our privacy policy.