Guest Services

Visiting by Land:

Visitors from Reciprocal Clubs wishing to visit ILYC must provide ILYC with a letter of introduction from an Officer or Manager of the reciprocal Club directed to the attention of the ILYC Club Manager. Upon confirmation with the requesting Reciprocal Club, the ILYC Club Manager may approve the request. In this event, the Reciprocal Club member will have access to the Club facilities for a period of up to three (3) consecutive days. Prior to using the Club facilities, the Reciprocal Club member must check in at the Club Dock Office where they will be provided a Guest Card which they may use at the Club during this period. The reciprocal Club member may be allowed to attend events at the Club after all Member’s requests to attend that event have been satisfied and permission has been given by the Club Manager. The list of Reciprocal Clubs will be posted on the Club bulletin board. Continued status as a Reciprocal Club is at the discretion of the Flag Officers.

Visiting by sea:

Our facilities are available only to visiting Yachtsman, who show membership in a recognized Yacht Club by letter of introduction, or Membership Card; and their guests. If you plan to use our facilities, no matter how slightly, we ask you to come ashore upon arrival and register at the Dock Office.

We charge a daily fee of $65, payable in advance. This permits visiting yachtsman to use our facilities as available each day from 12 noon to 12 noon.
We monitor VHF 78A- Telephone 401-846- 1969

Please check with the Club Staff if you have any questions or need assistance.

Club Hours vary during the season. Check with the staff. The club is locked during closed hours. If you need access to the pier during these hours, obtain a gate key from the staff. A refundable deposit is required. Refunds for key deposits will be made at the Dock Office before you leave. No refunds for keys after you leave.

Starting September 11th, the BAR HOURS are as follows:
Sat & Sun: 1200 - 2000 hrs
Wed & Thu: 1700 - 2100 hrs (through the end of Sept, then closing at 2000 after racing ends)
Friday  1700 - 2000 hrs

Club closes on Columbus Day at 2000 hrs.

Launch Service is available when the club is open, and only in the immediate anchorage West of the Club. Check with the Staff for exact hours. Call launch Aloha on Ch. 78A. Launch service available to and from downtown Newport is available by calling Oldport Launch, Ch.68.

Starting September 5th the Launch hours will be from 0800 - 0200 hrs daily
Launch service will end when club closes on Columbus Day at 2000 hrs

Dinghies- Use south dinghy float only.

Moorings, if applicable, are used at your own risk.  Ida Lewis does have moorings available for short term daily rental.   Moorings are assigned on a first come first service basis and are assigned by the Club Staff.  Visiting yachtsman are encouraged to either call the dock office or on VHF h. 78A.  Please do not pick up a mooring without asking.

Showers for ladies and gentlemen are located in buildings opposite the Club mast.

Ice and Fuel- Ice is available in blocks or cubes. Fuel is not available.

Pump Out- A free pump out station is located on the main float.

Rubbish must be placed in the container on the main pier.

Dogs must be on leashes at all times and are not permitted beyond the lower deck or in the buildings.

Note: ILYC is a smoke free Club.