Shields Fleet 9

ILYC Shields Racing

Wednesday nights, May through September

The Shields Class is nationally known and almost international in terms of accomplishments.  ILYC has supported this class for close  to 50 years.  An impressive one design story from many angles.

Shields Fleet 9 Website

Race results will be linked to the corresponding dates below:

 Race  Spring  Summer  Fall
 1 10May2017 28Jun2017 16Aug2017
 2 17May2017 05Jul2017 
 3  24May2017 12Jul2017  AP over A
 4  31May2017 19Jul2017  06Sep2017 
 5 07Jun2017  26Jul2017
13Sep2017 Race 4 - Race 5
 6  14Jun2017 02Aug2017 
Too Much Wind -Jose
 7 21June2017   09Aug2017   27Sep2017 


Race writeup will be linked to the corresponding dates below:

Race Spring Summer Fall
1 10May2017 28Jun2017 16Aug2017
2 17May2017 05Jul2017
3 24May2017 12Jul2017 AP over A -No Wind
4 31May2017 19Jul2017 06Sep2017
5 07Jun2017 26Jul2017
6 14Jun2017 02Aug2017
Too Much Wind -Jose
7 21Jun2017 09Aug2017 27Sep2017


Safety:  Ship Blind Zone Illustration 
USCG 2017 Permit Letter Shields Fleet 9

USCG 2017 Permit Letter Aloha

Aloha Cup Dates:
Saturday June 3rd
Saturday July 1st
Saturday August 26th
Saturday September 9